Want to Start a Small Business, But Need Small Business Ideas?

The dismal economy and job market for the past year has made many look to other sources of revenue to maintain their finances. Often, the desire to start a small business is in the back of many workers’ minds, but they don’t know where to start. We’ve assembled a list of small business ideas that are relatively affordable to start, but may possess the potential to turn into something long-term and rewarding.Perhaps, one of these small business ideas will give you the inspiration you need to get started!1) Desktop Publishing. If you know your way around a computer and you have an updated Graphics Program on your desktop, chances are you can get started at freelance desktop publishing. Often, companies or businesses don’t have the resources or dedicated staff to create their own fliers, business cards, sales pieces, or postcards. With technology being what it is today, most communication with your clients can be done through your email or virtual tools making face-to-face meetings not as necessary.2) Photography. If you’re good with a camera, this may be a small business idea for you. Photography technology has made it quite possible to start your own endeavor – even from your own home. Create a website, business cards, and fliers and start showing off your work. Offer incentives such as a free sitting fee or free wallets to get your business started. You can network with other parents to photograph children’s birthday parties, senior photos, or sporting events. Start a social networking site to showcase your talents. Posting your work online will help drive more business to you.3) Personal/Administrative Assistant. Many professionals today are simply too busy to manage all of their daily tasks. A personal assistant will often act as a right-hand to executives, business owners, or anyone who is need of extra organizational help. Again, this can often be done from your own home office with occasional on-site meetings. Services normally include errands, secretarial or administrative tasks, organization, filing, data entry, or maintenance of existing systems.4) Pet-Related Business. There’s a rise in the amount pet owners are willing to spend on their pets. In fact, it’s estimated that pet owners are spending now 5.4% more on man’s best friend. This type of business, however, may require a brick and mortar operation, depending on the services you offer. From pet-sitting and services, to supplies and grooming, this is a small business idea you may not want to overlook.5) Online website owner. Making money online is actually a great way to make extra money without a lot of overhead. Simply pick a subject you know something about, create a stunning website design, and get it hosted. Many online services are relatively inexpensive and don’t require a lot of overhead or maintenance once the site is live. It may be worth your budget to hire a professional for the initial design and copywriting. An expert should be able to provide you with expert advice on design, colors, on-site search engine optimization (SEO), and even set you up with e-commerce ability. This would allow your visitors to purchase direct from your site. The important thing to know when you are an online website owner is how to promote it. It would be to your advantage to learn everything you can about SEO as well.Your small business ideas don’t have to remain small. With determination, work, and persistence, you can grow your clients and your bottom line!

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